About Me

Hi, I’m Bryan Redfield.

I studied psychology at UCLA. Then I became a bartender in Hollywood. I was a bartender for 14 years.

During that time I carefully watched and listened to over 10,000 men and women approach, meet, interact and relate with each other. Then I watched and listened to them ask each other out and date trying to establish a relationship that would make them both happy.

Over the years the one group I paid special attention to were the 57 couples who were my regular customers that were happily married for over ten years. Because I was their bartender and their friend they told me all the secrets to their long term relationship that they wouldn’t tell anyone else. I kept very detailed notes on what works, what doesn’t and why.

I created an online course for women called How To Get Him To Commit To You Using Class, Style, and Dignity to learn exactly the steps they need to take to find a man that will be the best fit for them.  I have also built a Dating Course for Men, The Redfield System, and a Dating Course for Women: The Redfield Dating System.

If you would like to have a relationship or dating question answered, please use the Submit A Question form here, and I’ll write a response specifically for you.

If you need to contact me directly, please Email Me at theredfieldsystem@gmail.com

To avoid any confusion, I want to let you know that while all responses absolutely come from me, my assistant and web manager Amelia will often be the person to actually post the content.